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10/7/2009 Mapping out the Global PC Value Chain

Geography: China, Taiwan, USA


· Introduction to value-chain analysis

· Introduction to Porter’s Five Forces to assess industry attractiveness

· Practice on financial statement and business model analysis

· Overview of the PC manufacturing industry


· Read Dell’s Annual Report & 10K

· Read HP’s Annual Report & 10K

· Read Acer’s Annual Report & Consolidated Financial Statements

· Read Asus’ Annual Report & Consolidated Financial Statements

· Read Lenovo’s Annual Report & Consolidated Financial Statements

Assignment: Prepare A Powerpoint Answering the Following Questions

1. Create a value chain for Dell, HP, Acer, EEPC, and Lenovo.

2. How do the value chains differ?

3. What are the dependencies in each value chain (suppliers, customers, etc.)?

4. Dell recently announced a relationship with I've been recently quoted $500K to develop a website similar to Where does fit in the value chain? Why would Dell create a partnership vs. do it themselves?

5. Where do you think the industry is going? What are the key linkages in the value chain? Show how you see the value chain "changing" over the next 5 years?

6. Discuss how the value chain is being modified for Netbooks. Who appears to have key power positions in the Netbook Value Chain

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